Lawrence County Tennessee History

My May family is tied to Lawrence County. These websites listed below have stories, blogs, and facts about Lawrence. Do you have a story or memory of Lawrence County you would like to see on this page contact me. CLICK HERE FOR CONTACT INFORMATION. 

Like all kids growing up in the 1960's I ate a lot of hamburgers. What else would a kid want when eating in a restaurant. The one thing I did not like was mustard. When we went to Lawrenceburg to visit family we would stop to eat and of course I wanted a hamburger with mayo. I found out in southern Tennessee hamburgers always came with mustard. If you ordered an hamburger plain it came with mustard. Sure enough I would order a hamburger with Mayo only and sure enough it came with mustard and mayo. They ruined a lot of hamburgers in Tennessee in  the 1960's.  Tom May