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May Family Notes

MAY  9, 2019 - By Tom May

        While most family members I talked to believe the May name to be German according to WikiTree my May family actually came To British Colonial Virginia from London England. My Great Aunt Marie May Smith (MAY 104-09) believed our family came from England in the 1600 and was originally Mayes. She did believe the Mayes were of German descent.


         Aunt Marie also believed our May family came from royal blood in Germany and England. Her Son-in-law Robert West came across some information that seemed to support this idea. He also said the May family may have had some who were pirates on the high seas. (I have not been able to confirm either of these two statements).

          Do you have stories about the May family? If you do please email them to me.  Also stories about the Martin family or other families from Lawrence County Tennessee are welcome.